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GTA San Andreas PSP ISO CSO: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for a Smooth and Fun Gameplay

a war has been waged against los santos by a ruthless criminal kingpin named victor*, so it's up to you to see that he's stopped for good. you'll be able to play as cj, a member of a street gang named the grove street families. you'll be able to commit crimes (or "crimes") like leaving car engines running in the middle of the street, punching out rival gang members, holding up liquor stores, stealing cars, and blowing things up.

gta san andreas psp iso cso download

Download Zip:

sanchez, a one-time member of the grove street families, will also be in the game. he'll be your partner as you progress through the game; he'll help you if you need him to. you can choose to be male or female, and you'll also be able to learn spanish and earn trophies.

graphics quality are pretty okay when viewed from a distance, but they do look pixelated close up. there are no real glitches to speak of and you won't be seeing any frame rate issues. during battle sequences, you'll notice some occasional slowdown.

there's an absolutely massive number of weapons, cars, and clothes in the game. the weapons range from a shot gun, to a machine gun, to a mine that you set off to blow up an armored car with. there are a ridiculous number of cars to choose from, including taxis, pickup trucks, motorcycles, low riders, big rigs, sports cars, muscle cars, and luxury cars. speaking of big rigs, you'll have to know how to drive them if you want to survive for long.

gta: san andreas features voice acting. the actors included in the game are great, and they do a good job imitating the various characters they're playing. cj will sound like a stereotypical tough guy, just like michael did, and tommy will be the goofy, sneaky guy we all know and love. the dialogue is quite well written, and it's easy to understand the characters' motivations.


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